LONDON: Britain’s military has flown troops and heavy equipment from Ghana  to Mali  to support the international intervention in  the West African nation, the British Defense Ministry  said Thursday.

A C-17 aircraft is carrying more than 120 members of a Ghanaian engineering  company with vehicles and equipment to Bamako, where they will build  accommodation and assist with projects like road building as part of the  African-led support mission to Mali, the ministry said.

The Ghanaian request for a C-17 was made earlier this week, it said, with the  first C-17 flights taking off Monday night and continuing through the week.

The Ghanaian engineering company will “be there as long as it takes to solve  the problem,” according to Col. M’Bawine Atintande, public relations director  for the Ghana Armed Forces.

Meanwhile, a British newspaper reported that a document left behind in the  bombed remains of an Al-Qaeda  training headquarters in the Malian city  of Timbuktu  gives a rare insight into the  organization’s thinking.

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