Suge Knight recently appeared on the Howard Stern show and he had some really crazy things to say about Dr. Dre, as he accuses the good doctor of being gay, and a snitch.

During the interview, Suge said Dre recently went to his P.O. and snitched on him, which caused his P.O. to put a special case in the conditions of his parole. He says the special case, was basically a restraining order against him.

As the interview continued, Suge says Dr. Dre has been sleeping with a man named “Bruce” for years.

He said during a meeting with the late Tupac and Dre where they would put everything on the table, Pac stood up and said I’m tired of this, “Dre you’re a f*ggot.” Dre replied “first of all Im not a f*ggot, I’m bi-sexual.”

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