Apple I Computer (1976) at Science Museum
Christie’s displayed a rare Apple-1 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif. during a two-week online auction that eventually ended with a winning bid of $387,750.


Computerworld – A working Apple-1 computer fetched $387,750 on Tuesday at auction, well off the record price of $671,400 paid in May for another of the rare personal computers.

The Christie’s auction house hosted the online-only bidding, which opened June 24 and closed Tuesday.

The computer — essentially a circuit board without a manufactured case, keyboard, monitor or even power supply — was one of between 40 and 50 known to have survived from a limited run of about 200. According to a Christie’s spokeswoman contacted last month, the Apple-1 was operational, making it even rarer: There are only a half dozen confirmed working Apple-1 computers in existence.

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