Chase Offers Four Steps To Get Your Financial Fitness In Shape 

By Angela Swinson Lee, Special to The Informer

It’s the first quarter of a new year and many people like to eliminate bad habits and start a new practice. Now is the perfect time to get your finances in order, according to Angie Roster, a market director for JPMorgan Chase. 

Just like the resolution makers who rush to the gym to get fit and skinny by spring, those seeking to get financially fit must first assess where their finances currently stand. “If you want to lose some weight, you have to start by weighing yourself, look at what you’re eating, your exercise regime, and then come up with a plan to start living a healthier lifestyle,” Roster said. “It is the same concept with your finances, if you want to get into better financial shape, you have to start by accessing where you are financially, know what your goals are, and then come up with a budget to plan it out.”

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