[The Washington Post]

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Last week’s news that the government will soon think about allowing cellphone use on planes caused a torrent of negative feedback. Nobody wants airplanes to turn into the soup of noise that too often afflicts Amtrak riders. So how can the head of the agency that proposed the idea sleep at night, knowing he’s about to condemn millions of air travelers to a future of jabbering airborne loudmouths?

The backlash has been swift and strong. Critics include the flight attendants’ union and the chair of a powerful House subcommittee on technology.

“Like many Americans, when I heard the news that the FCC was considering allowing cell phone calls on commercial flights, I was concerned to say the least,” said Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.).

The chairman of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, admits that being trapped in a metal tube for hours while some idiot’s voice rattles up and down the cabin might not sound like fun.


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