Juror B37 from the George Zimmerman trial during her CNN interview on Anderson Cooper's show

[USA Today]

A juror who has been vocal since the acquittal of George Zimmerman said Tuesday night that Trayvon Martin “played a huge role” in his own death.

“When George confronted him . . . he could have walked away and gone home,” the woman, identified only as juror B-37, said of the 17-year-old victim in an interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°. “He didn’t have to do whatever he did and come back and be in a fight.”

But she added that she and other jurors nevertheless felt a lot of sympathy for what happened to Trayvon and that she wished she could have given his family “the verdict they wanted.”

“I don’t want people to think that we didn’t think about Trayvon Martin,” she said, her voice appearing to crack with emotion. “We did.”