Zimmerman’s Not-Guilty Verdict Comes with ‘Mind-Numbing’ $2.5M Bill

[Orlando Sentinel]

George Zimmerman (Courtesy of
George Zimmerman (Courtesy of

George Zimmerman was acquitted at his racially charged murder trial in July. He won but at a very steep cost.

Two months ago, he received a $2.5 million bill from his two lead attorneys, Mark O’Mara and Don West.

They had kept track of the time they worked on the case. Each billed him for about 3,000 hours, according to O’Mara.

In a high-profile but not very complicated murder case, the relationship between lawyer and client and money long ago grew complicated. Only now, though, is that issue out in the open.

O’Mara took on the case in April 2012, saying he would represent Zimmerman at no charge. Then he discovered that Zimmerman and his family were raising funds via a website and that money was pouring in, at least initially.


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