10 Commandments of Fatherhood
by Pastor E.A. Deckard
Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward-Times

“Nothing I’ve ever done has given me more joys and rewards than being a father to my children.” ― Bill Cosby

Forward Thinkers there have been many so-called wars fought on American soil since the Civil War. Americans have supposedly fought a War against Drugs, Poverty, and Illiteracy but the results indicate these battles have produced little to no victories.

Forward Thinkers I believe if we redirected our attention to the unspoken War on Fatherhood we would began to see a major impact on all the other fronts. If men are restored and renewed the entire family structure becomes stronger therefore everything connected to the family becomes stronger.

Forward Thinkers we can’t build stronger neighborhoods, schools, or churches until we win this battle against Fathers.

Forward Thinkers this year on Father’s Day lets commit to not castrate Fathers but celebrate Fathers. Meet me at the historical McGregor Park in Houston, Texas for a Day of Encouragement for Fathers where I will release the 10 Commandments of Fatherhood which will give men the encouragement and motivation to Move Forward in Fatherhood.

Malachi 4:6 (NKJV)And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.

1) I Will Love My Children Unconditionally

I pledge to always love my children unconditionally.

Brothers our children do not have to earn our love but are unconditionally given our love. Our children are gifts from God and deserve to be loved unconditionally. Brothers regardless of the conditions of other relationships our relationships with our children must be based on unconditional love.

2) I Will Encourage My Children

I pledge to always encourage my children.

Brothers we must commit to being a force of encouragement to our children. Our children are born with unlimited potential to become great but as Fathers it is our role to encourage the greatness out of them. The loudest voice in our children’s ear must become their father’s voice of encouragement.

3) I Will Communicate With My Children

I pledge to always communicate with my children.

Brothers the voice of the Father must become the voice of significant to his children. The reality is whenever we are not talking to our children the enemy is speaking real loud to them. A father’s voice of communication is like a compass giving directions to insure a prosperous trip.

4) I Will Support My Children

I pledge to always support my children.

Brothers we were created to provide a support system for our children. Our support is not limited to a child support payment but our children need our total support. The strength of our children’s future is built on the strength of our total support today. The greater the level of a Fathers support the greater the level of the child’s potential to become great.

5) I Will Spend Time With My Children

I pledge to always spend time with my children.

Brothers our children desire us spending quality time with them no matter how much money we have or have not spent on them. Time is a gift from God and we must use it wisely because we can never recover unused time. The time we spend with our children is priceless and every moment spent with them is special.

6) I Will Let Go of the Past For My Children

I pledge to let go of the past and move forward with my children.

Brothers we all have made mistakes and experienced some negative situations but now is the time to heal, let go, and move forward with our children. We can’t afford to allow anything to rob us from the joy of being in a meaning relationship with our children therefore on today we cancel every weapon formed against our relationship with our children.

7) I Will Be Transparent With My Children

I pledge to always be transparent with my children.

Brothers our children are not looking for us to be perfect Fathers they just want us to be a present Father. Our relationships with our children must be real therefore we must be open and transparent with them in order to gain their trust. We can prevent our children from making some of the mistakes we made but we must be honest and transparent with them. It may be hard but it’s worth it if the outcome prevents our children from experiencing generational curses.

8) I Will Protect My Children

I pledge to always protect my children.

Brothers we must commit to protecting our children at all times. A Father must be a fence in place to protect his children from all outside forces and ensure nothing harms them. A nation without a strong military is always facing the risk of being attacked therefore today Fathers we must position ourselves as the front-line defense of protection for our children.

9) I Will Teach My Children

I pledge to teach my children.

Brothers we have the responsibility to teach our children to become all they were created to become. Fathers we must become our children’s coach, mentor, and teacher and equip them with all the knowledge they will need to reach their full potential. Our children’s future is depending on us teaching them today to reach for the stars.

10) I Will Leave A Legacy For My Children

I pledge to leave a legacy for my children to follow after.

Brothers we must understand the importance of our legacy. We must do all we can while we can to ensure our children have a bright future even after we are gone. A good man leaves an inheritance for his children and today we must commit to making the sacrifices needed to ensure we will leave a legacy for our children to proudly follow after.

Forward Thinkers let’s take back our communities by restoring our Fathers to their God ordained positions. Forward Thinkers let’s make June 15, 2014 a day to remember, a day a mark will be made on Fathers that can’t be erased.

Pastor E. A. Deckard is the Senior Pastor/Founder of the Green House International Church located, 16711 Ella Blvd. Houston, Texas, 77090. To contact Pastor Deckard for speaking engagements contact him at pr.ghic@gmail.com

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