Credit: Courtesy of DC Office of Planning


New York Ave NE is being studied by the District's Office of Planning. The goal is to bring jobs, affordable housing and retail and entertainment facilities.

The District’s Office of Planning has released its New York Avenue NE Roadmap, which includes plans to provide extensive affordable housing, provide new jobs, and turn the corridor into a jewel piece to show off one of the city’s most traveled arteries.

According to the Office of Planning, the new development along the three-mile corridor that spans Florida Avenue to South Dakota Avenue in Northeast, will spur the production of new affordable and market-rate housing units, support existing and future jobs to aid
economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and identify the infrastructure
and facilities that need to be coordinated and funded.” The statement continues, “This work will also advance creation of good jobs along the corridor across a range of industries including light manufacturing, customer service, and office jobs.”

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