A recent Howard University graduate has finished her studies debt-free, with plans someday soon to run her own business.

At the tender age of 18, Nadiya Blair also graduated summa cum laude after participation in a two-year program aligned with her high school and San Jacinto College, Defender Network reported.

Blair, who enrolled at Howard as a junior, managed to accomplish her goal of completing college during the coronavirus pandemic.

“That was extremely difficult, not having the resources and the support system that I normally have on campus. I’m blessed that my family was so supportive. I produced a 40-page thesis and cried the whole time I was working. But I was passionate about my topic,” Blair said in a Howard University statement. “We’ve suffered so many losses during the pandemic, and it’s almost like you don’t have time to mourn. That can be very emotionally draining. I don’t just mean loss of people in your life, but loss of dreams, goals, graduation, things that we’ve been looking forward to for years. It really gets down on you. So, I think that was the hardest part, making sure that I kept my head up.”

During her time at Howard, Blair secured multiple scholarships that allowed her to obtain a debt-free graduation, including an HU tuition scholarship, according to Defender Network.

Meanwhile, prior to taking some time to reset, Blair, who also plans on continuing her community service work, has returned to her native Houston to oversee a franchise for a million-dollar company, according to The Defender Network.

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