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As we look at this new 2020 we are reminded that the standard for good vision is 20/20. This has compelled me to think about the vision that we have for our future. The Griffin Firm consistently talks about legacy-building. We talk about planning what you want for tomorrow today. We know that the choices we make today will shape our tomorrow.

The Griffin Firm started this year with a firm retreat where we honed our organizational core values. We know core values are what we stand for as an organization. The Griffin Firm has defined our core values as Faith, Relationships, Excellence, Service, and Trustworthiness.

Those words and declarations associated with the words codify the actions and the commitment that we have. This year with intentionality we won’t take for granted that these are our core values and will be thoughtful about using those core values as driving forces.

We know that our purpose is based on giving, yet we had not been thoughtful about measuring the actions or the impact of the giving.

The Griffin Firm Vision and Purpose Goals for 2020 include:

– Facilitate charitable giving to 150 charities. As we support people in building legacies and planning for the future of their assets, we have the opportunity to remind them that each of us can impact the community beyond our families. As such we will facilitate giving to individuals, community-based organizations, churches and educational institutions to have a charitable impact.
– Educate 2500 people. We know that “when we know better we do better.” The Griffin Firm will commit to educating and informing individuals, communities and organizations on creating, protecting and transferring wealth. We will convene communities and strategic partners to inform and consult on legacy-building.
– 100 Acts of Service. The Griffin Firm will participate as individuals and as a firm to serve the communities that we are a part of through our time and/or talent. These volunteer opportunities will remind us that service is the rent we pay to live on the earth. We know that caring is a verb. We must employ our intellect, education and capabilities to do more for those who are most vulnerable. Those acts of service will include large scale supports like raising money and actively participating in the Alzheimer’s Walk. The act of service may be small in scale but impactful by helping a person who is less able with physical support.

The Griffin Firm is comprised of people who appreciate and express gratitude for our blessings. We also know that we are blessed to be a blessing and look forward to building up our community not just financially but socially. We are meant not to be independent but interdependent. It is our desire to serve and connect. Together we build our community.

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