From Sept. 22 to Oct. 9, theater lovers can see a diverse group of performances during DC Theatre Week 2022. Coordinating this three-week event is Theatre Washington, the organizer of collaborative partnerships and programs for the D.C.-area theater community. 

A Kickoff Fest for the observance takes place on Saturday, Sept. 24 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Arena Stage, located at 1101 Sixth Street SW. Performances, workshops, conversations, free locally made food and drinks, plus giveaways are a part of the Arena Stage festivities. Following the Kickoff Fest, a concert with performers from area theaters will take place at the Transit Pier on the Southwest Wharf.

The 2021-22 DC theater season became rocky when the COVID-19 omicron variant hit last December. After a robust season opening last September, performances were canceled or delayed until March of this year. Theater companies are making up for lost time with interesting and diverse topics on their current schedules.

“Second to none, the D.C.-area theater landscape offers something for everyone,” said Theatre Washington President and CEO Amy Austin. “So, we invite audiences to come as you are, get to know a new-to-you theater, take a chance on something fresh, sample classes and conversations. Also, meet artists, and our community, and most importantly have some fun. This year marks a revival of our industry, and we look forward to celebrating it.”

Other Theatre Week activities include #DCTheatre at the Washington Nationals on September 26, where people are invited to connect with the theater community while enjoying a baseball game. On October 1, the #DCTheatre Bike Ride will lead a cycling tour of local theaters.  Pre-show happy hours are scheduled throughout this three-week exploration of the metro area’s theater community.

More information on Theatre Week shows, events and registration is available at

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