When it comes to the rhymes and the rhythm of hip-hop, 2Pac gifted the world with his lyricism and social commentary. Challenging norms within the music industry, the West Coast rapper paved the way for artists today.

His highly noted song “Keep Ya Head Up” taps into the of staying strong despite all the hardships one may go through. 2Pac points out the cycle that is created when a community of people is neglected and how they start to internalize those negative messages.

His social commentary on the experience of seeing his community struggle due to many factors is what ties together his songs like “Unconditional Love,” “Brenda’s Got a Baby” and “Dear Mama.”

Although his lyrics are decades old, they still hold relevance today and highlight the struggles the Black community faces. His commentary through interviews on social justice parallels current discussions today on police brutality and systemic racism.

The artist also became an actor showing that moving from a crossover musician to actor was possible. His most notable films were “Juice,” “Poetic Justice” and “Above the Rim” where he showcased his natural acting abilities.

2Pac is often characterized as a musical and social icon who took action into making more and better spaces for the Black community to uplift themselves. His music was at the vanguard of a movement that preceded his untimely death and left a legacy on the world of hip-hop today.

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