New Columbia Solar is proud to work with the District’s businesses, schools, nonprofits, multifamily housing, and other non-residential property owners to enhance our city with solar power. NCS’s solar installations have enabled hundreds of DC property owners to monetize their otherwise unused rooftop and parking lot space, while helping our environment. Our projects provide building owners with low-risk income streams in the form of upfront payments to cover capital expenditures (e.g., roof repairs or replacements), fixed lease payments, or savings on their electricity bill.

To date, New Columbia Solar has raised more than $125 Million to deploy solar projects in Washington, DC. The company’s 250+ projects translate into approximately 24 MT of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) equivalent in avoided emissions annually, and the work has created 80 more jobs in the District. A share of our solar projects also benefit low- to moderate-income families through the Solar for All Program –Mayor Muriel Bowser’s initiative to provide 100,000 low-to-moderate income families with the discounted, locally generated clean energy. Solar for All, a program of the District Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) coordinated by the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU), helps cut electricity costs by up to 50 percent for income-qualified DC families for 15 years. This year, working with partners like New Columbia Solar, the DCSEU hopes to deliver enough community solar to serve an additional 2,600 income-qualified DC families. Through working with property owners across the District, we strive to make solar power a reality for our entire community.

Read about three incredible partners who have worked with us to install solar projects on their properties:

Washington Tennis & Education Foundation: Ward 7, 749.7 kW (kilowatts, system size)

Since 1955, WTEF has supported the Ward 7 community by folding youth into its safe and trusting 50,000 sq. ft. facility. Over the 15-year lifetime of the solar array, WTEF will receive lease payments to host the solar system, which will directly benefit its after school academic, tennis, and wellness programs for the Ward 7 community. The installation is also part of the Solar for All program and will help more than 200 income-qualified DC families cut their electricity costs by up to 50 percent.

The Thurgood Marshall Center Trust Inc.: Ward 1, 50.3 kW

As the first Black YMCA in the United States, and now the home of Thurgood Marshall Center Trust, Inc. (TMCT), the next 20-year chapter will be powered by a rooftop solar installation. It is with a deep reverence for the great work of Thurgood Marshall, and the service TMCT provides to the tens of thousands of DC residents who utilize the facility, that New Columbia Solar is proud to supply clean energy, financial benefits, and rooftop repairs through the new installation.

Roots Public Charter School: Ward 4, 39.7 kW

This year, our team joined Roots PCS K-5 students in the classroom to lead an experiential lesson on electricity and magnetism. We provided historical context, sharing the history of Lewis Howard Latimer and his carbon filament light bulb patent, and we led electricity demonstrations with light bulbs, magnets, and a solar panel.
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