Franchising. Business Background.

(Black Enterprise) – One of the benefits of franchising is that there is a built-in support mechanism in place for you – a network of resources. Let’s say you have found the perfect business concept, one that seems to add up from every angle and couldn’t be better for you and your future plans.  The only problem is that you don’t have the capital to open the doors.

This is a common for any small business startup and particularly in today’s lending environment, says Devin Conner of Franchise Marketing Systems, which provides full-service marketing and sales support consulting to clients in ALL industries. Some of his clients include: Total Gym, Blimpie, COSTCO, Allscripts, and Romeo’s Pizza.

This is one of the highest risk categories in lending practices, so now is not the time to be crossing your fingers and just “hoping” that the money will come to you, adds Conner. With over a decade of experience in building and developing franchise brands, FMS structures and models various organizations for replication into new markets.


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