Most of us have been hit by the hiked up prices that energy providers have put in place over recent years, and this is placing additional financial strain on many already tight household finances. Rising household costs such as energy have had a considerable effect on the financial situations of many households, leaving many overstretched and struggling to meet their essential payments.

The good news is that there are a number of ways that you could try and cut down on the cost of your gas and electricity usage, using both common sense and taking advantage of some money-saving resources. Below you will find five top tips on reducing your gas and electricity bills.

Tips to make savings

You can save money on all sorts of things these days, from using coupons such as those from Couponbuffer to cut the cost of shopping to switching insurance providers to reduce premiums. Looking at ways to reduce the cost of your energy is yet another way in which you can live more frugally. In addition, you can do your bit for the environment at the same time by cutting energy usage. Some tips that can help include:

Don’t leave things on unnecessarily: It is surprising just how many of us tend to leave on lights, fires, and other electrical and gas appliances even when we are not using them. Try and get into the habit of switching things off when not required, as this could save you a small fortune over the course of the year.

Don’t assume standby is free: Although most appliances use less electricity when left on standby, they do still use electricity, and therefore you should make sure that you switch your appliances off properly. A great many of us leave things like the television set on standby when we go out or go to bed, and this is simply wasting electricity and costing us unnecessary money.

Opt for dual fuel plans: If you have your gas and electricity with different providers then look into what sort of savings you could make by taking both your gas and electricity together with one provider. Energy providers offer small discounts to those that opt for dual fuel, where they have both their gas and electricity with the same provider, and this can save you money over the year.

Pay by direct payment: Many utility companies, including energy suppliers, charge a fee to those that pay by card, cash or cheque, but do not charge this fee to those that pay via direct payments from the bank. Therefore by switching to direct payments and paying your energy bills on a monthly basis you could make another small saving on how much you pay over the course of the year.

Switch to a cheaper provider: You may find that you can get cheaper energy prices with another provider that services your area, Live news streaming shows different advertisement on saving energy cost and so it is well worth doing a little research to find out the cost of energy with other suppliers, and if necessary switch in order to save more money on your energy bills.

All of these tips will make it easier to reduce your energy usage and cut your energy bills.

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