"The Muppets Movie" (1979)
"The Muppets Movie" (1979)
“The Muppets Movie” (1979)

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The Muppet Movie (1979)

Director: James Frawley
Stars: The Muppets, Charles Durning
95 mins., rated G

The Muppets are a perfect place to start a child’s pop-cultural education, and it’s crucial to baptize them with the original Jim Henson production before diving into the two most recent sequels. From the moment Kermit sings ”The Rainbow Connection” from a log in his swamp—a song you’ll never grow weary of hearing your youngster sing over and over again—to the cross-country Hollywood adventure where he first meets his Muppet friends and eludes a ruthless fast-food schemer (Durning), The Muppet Movie is a kind of brilliant gateway drug to all the wonderful things that movies can be. It’s hilarious, clever, sweet, musical, and full of love and friendship, and the only one happier than your child watching the Muppets for the first time will be you watching them laugh and smile at all the right moments. Kids will love it when they’re 4 years old, and love it even more—or at least in a different, deeper way—when they’re 12. —Jeff Labrecque


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