Digital technologies are helping even the biggest, lumbering giants become more nimble, analytically focused and adaptive.

That’s the view of Accenture, which just issued a report that makes the point that enterprises are increasingly taking on the mannerisms of startups. “The days of innovative, technology-focused start-ups being the only market disrupters and growing faster than their larger, more established competitors may be coming to an end,” the consultancy opines.

Of course, you don’t hear about Fortune 500 CEOs dipping into their own savings to cover the next week’s payroll, or putting their houses up as collateral. But that’s another story. The important thing is that larger organizations are making a conscious effort to shed their bureaucratic overhead and knock away their calcified management practices to be more responsive and entrepreneurial.

Technology is making a difference. Give credit to social, mobile, analytics and cloud for making it easier for employees within the bowels of these organizations to pursue and test new ideas without having to get permission and budget first.

Accenture identified six technology trends that are helping large enterprises act more like startups:


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