Actor Idris Elba gestures as he arrives for the world premiere of "Les Miserables" in London December 5, 2012. REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett
Idris Elba at the London premiere of 'Pacific Rim' (Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)
Idris Elba at the London premiere of ‘Pacific Rim’ (Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

By Dylan “CineMasai” Green
Special to the NNPA via The New Pittsburgh Courier

(NNPA)—Idris Elba has been a singular commanding presence on screen ever since his mainstream debut back in 2007. Now’s he’s in early talks to take on the sci-fi world again as a villain in the third installment of the Star Trek reboot franchise, according to Variety.

Since his breakout role in Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls, Hollywood can’t deny his smooth charm, good looks and versatility. If Elba signs on for Star Trek 3, it’s speculated that he’ll play a Klingon, of the infamous alien race.

With the Trek sequel, his role as a warlord in Beasts of No Nations, and voicing Shere Khan in one of two remakes of The Jungle Book, Elba’s been taking a walk on the villainous side lately.

Take a look at some of the roles that helped to put him on the fast track to go full-on villainous.

Tango in American Gangster

He only had five minutes of screen time, but Tango was a dangerous cat, regardless. Denzel Washington obviously didn’t agree.

YouTube video

Mumbles in RockNRolla

Here, Elba is a smooth-talking criminal in Guy Ritchie’s British crime thriller.

YouTube video

John Luther in Luther

Arguably Elba’s most iconic role yet, John Luther is a no-holds barred-police detective who’s scary dangerous. Just check out this grisly clip.

YouTube video

Roque in The Losers

This forgettable action flick was saved by its fun cast, particularly Elba as Roque.

YouTube video

Heimdall in Thor/Thor: The Dark World

Heimdall is a character who’s deadly and loyal to a fault, even with the uproar over not being portrayed by a white actor. Props to Idris for shutting them right up with his excellent portrayal.

YouTube video

Stacker Pentacost in Pacific Rim

Elba almost seems like he was born to play the textbook army commander with ulterior motives and secrets of his own in Pacific Rim.

YouTube video

Collin Evans in No Good Deed

Elba as an obsessive and ruthless criminal on the run from the law even has Taraji P. Henson scared. That’s how you know it’s real.

YouTube video

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