Rev. Manson B. Johnson
by Rev. Manson B. Johnson
Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward Times

Bible Fact: The Book of Revelation is given by Jesus and written by John to strengthen our hope of the future.

Bible Text: Revelation 1:1; Matthew 24:1-51

Aim: To help students to become aware of what to expect in time and eternality to come.

The Things Hereafter: Chapter 19

I. The victory in heaven begins

A. Voices of victory vv. 1,2

B. The power of pure praise v.3

C. God is worshipped on the throne v.4

D. A message of encouragement out of the throne v.5a

  1. Everyone can and should praise God v.5b
  2. Many voices but one united message v.6
  3. The bride is ready v.7
  4. The bride is allowed to wear white v.8
  5. The marriage super blessed. v.9
  6. John forbidden to worship the angel v.10
  7. The White Horse Rider vv.11-13

Let’s talk about it:

  1. In vv.1,2 what is the fivefold exaltation of victory given to the Lord? Who gave the exaltation of victory to the Lord? Why did they give it unto the Lord?
  2. In v.3 what was the power of the voices of praise? Who is the “her” in v. 3?
  3. In v.4 what was the response of the elders and the beasts (the good beasts) to God? What did they say?
  4. In v.5 what is the message out of the throne about God? Who is to share in that message?
  5. In v.6 what did the great voice say about God that the world should hear today? What does this message mean to the world?
  6. In v.7 why should the Church of Christ rejoice? What are three things revealed in this verse that all saints should do unto the Lord as He reigns? How do saints rejoice? What do saints do when they rejoice? (Matthew 5:11,12)?
  7. In v.8 describes three attributes of the dress of the bride. Name them. What do these attributes mean to the bride who is ready for a wedding?
  8. In v.9 what is the status of those that are in attendance at the supper of the bride?
  9. In vv.10 what did the angel forbid John to do? How did the angel relate to John in the verse? What did the angel say is the testimony of Jesus Christ?
  10. In vv.11-13 who is the White Horse Rider? What 8 things in these verses describe Him and His role?

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