Adobe Photoshop (Peter Zschunke/AP Photo)
Adobe Photoshop (Peter Zschunke/AP Photo)
Adobe Photoshop (Peter Zschunke/AP Photo)

(CBS News) – Thursday marks 25 years since the introduction of Photoshop, one of the most iconic software programs of all time.

Unaltered images are so hard to find now that supposedly un-doctored photos of Beyoncé posing for L’Oréal and an un-edited image of 48-year-old model Cindy Crawford make big waves on the internet.

But according to Adobe’s current creative director and one of the men who developed the software, it’s is about much more than just erasing perceived imperfections, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

So much for that old saying “a photo doesn’t lie.”

“I had to take two shots and then superimpose them together. Is that cheating? No, because it looks really cool in the end,” Adobe Systems Incorporated senior creative director Russell Brown said.


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