Hundreds of Prince George’s County residents file into the gym at the Southern Regional Technology and Recreation Complex in Fort Washington to cast their ballots on Oct. 27, the first day of Maryland's early-voting period. Photo by Shevry Lassiter

Voters in four municipalities in Prince George’s County will go to the polls Tuesday to elect a mayor and city council members.

The cities include Bowie, College Park, Greenbelt and Laurel. Some voters will choose a new mayor, while others will have a new person represent them in a particular district.

Here’s a list of incumbents and others seeking office from each city:


In the city of Bowie, three people are seeking the mayor position: Mayor G. Frederick Robinson; At-Large Councilman Dennis Brady and Keith Alphonso Jackson.

Six council members represent four districts and two at-large seats. Those running for each seat include the following:

District 1 (One open seat)

  • Jenmaire Dewberry
  • Michael P. Esteve
  • Pauletta G. Handy
  • Monica Best-James

District 2 (One open seat)

  • Diane M. Polangin (Incumbent)
  • Kelly P. Rowe

District 3 (One open seat)

  • Babatunde O. Alegbeleye
  • Courtney D. Glass
  • James Scott Hessberger Jr.
  • District 4 (One open seat)
  • Isaac C. Trouth (Incumbent)
  • Craig M. Muckle

At-Large (Two open seats)

  • Dufour Woolfley (Incumbent)
  • James L. Marcos (District 1 councilman
  • Henri Gardner (District 3 councilman)

College Park

Voters in the City of College Park will choose a new mayor between District 4 Councilwoman Denise C. Mitchell and District 1 Councilman Patrick L. Wojahn. The current mayor Andrew M. Fellows is not seeking re-election. Eight council members represent College Park in four districts. Those running in this year’s election are:

District 1 (Two open seats)

  • S.M. Fazlul Kabir (Incumbent)
  • Christine Nagle
  • Cory C. Fitzgerald Sanders

District 2 (Two open seats)

  • P.J. Brennan (Incumbent)
  • Monroe S. Dennis (Incumbent)
  • Daniel S. Blasberg Jr.
  • Vivian M. Conway

District 3 (Two open seats)

  • Robert W. Day (Incumbent)
  • Stephanie E. Stullich (Incumbent)
  • Ryan T. Belcher
  • Robert J. McCeney
  • John B. Rigg

District 4 (Two open seats)

  • Alan Y. Hew (Incumbent)
  • Mary C. Cook
  • Oscar E. Gregory
  • Dustyn Burkart Kujawa


Voters in Greenbelt have a unique way of electing its mayor: the person with the highest number of votes wins. Mayor Emmett V. Jordan hopes it’s him. He also serves on the seven-member city council.

The city isn’t spread out into districts and all council members are elected at-large. Here’s the list of the other candidates seeking the remaining six seats:

  • Judith F. Davis (Incumbent and mayor pro tem)
  • Konrad Herling (Incumbent)
  • Leta Mach (Incumbent)
  • Silke Pope (Incumbent)
  • Edward VJ Putens (Incumbent)
  • Rodney M. Roberts (Incumbent)
  • Susan H. Stewart
  • Kathleen Marie Shaw
  • Bill Orleans
  • George R. Boyce


Residents in Laurel will retain their mayor, Craig A. Moe, who is running unopposed. At-Large Councilman Michael Leszcz is also running unopposed.

However, voters will choose four other candidates on City Council seeking two seats in Wards 1 and 2.

Ward 1 (Two open seats)

  • Valerie Nichols (Incumbent)
  • H. Edward Ricks (Incumbent)
  • Carl Dewalt
  • Jeffrey Mills

Ward 2

  • Donna L. Crary (Incumbent)
  • Frederick Smalls (Incumbent)
  • Mansoor Zia

For more information on polling locations, go to All polling places close at 8 p.m.

Meanwhile, voters in the city of Rockville in Montgomery County will elect a mayor and city council members.

In Virginia, voters will elect new city council members, school board representatives and county and staff officials.

Voters in Ohio will decide whether to become the fifth state to legalize recreational use of marijuana. If approved, it will join Alaska, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and the District of Columbia. Maryland legalized it for medical purposes more than two years ago.

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