Illustration by Matt Wuerker
Illustration by Matt Wuerker
Illustration by Matt Wuerker

(Politico) – Even the loss of the Whopper and fries won’t budge Congress.

Burger King’s $11 billion takeover of Canadian doughnut chain Tim Hortons, a deal that lets the burger behemoth drastically cut its U.S. tax rate by moving its headquarters to Canada, moved closer to fruition on Tuesday, following a chain of companies using an increasingly popular tax maneuver.

The move has been lighting up social media, with Burger King’s Facebook page buzzing with customers calling for a boycott and blasting the company as a traitor, Democrats renewing calls to act immediately and Republicans calling it a symptom of the dysfunctional U.S. tax system.

But despite hand-wringing by lawmakers of both parties — and a shaming by President Barack Obama, who essentially accused the companies mulling the deals of lacking patriotism — prospects for any kind of intervention by Congress are still dim.


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