Absurdly Well is a D.C.-based street artist. (Photo by Ja'Mon Jackson)
Absurdly Well is a D.C.-based street artist. (Photo by Ja'Mon Jackson)

Absurdly Well is a political street artist that has seen a lot of change in the place he calls home. A Washington D.C. native, Well manages to maintain a low personal profile, but his public persona is vast and famous due to his highly visible mural and posters plastered on public spaces throughout the city. Drawing inspiration from everyday life in his community, he’s found a way to channel his energy into beautiful art.

Being in the neighborhood, you hear or see things with your own eyes. This situation is messed up, but for some reason, it motivates me to create a new piece [of art] or add an element to a piece, shall I say.

Well said he recently experienced a rough patch of his own, He struggled to maintain a consistent living situation, leaving him and his son to seek temporary housing stay in the Uptown Art House located in NW.

Absurdly Well is a D.C.-based street artist. (Photo by Ja’Mon Jackson)

It was after I became a dad when it all started because you know the real situations started to affect me. Yeah, the gentrification aspect really hit. It’s really affecting a lot of people, I see a lot of these homes now split up into roommate housing. People owned these homes for generations.

Despite the hardships he faced, they didn’t slow him down one bit, and Well said he remains optimistic.

I believe in society still. That is the main driving point of why I want to do these street posters. My granddad would always say “I don’t trust people, but I believe in society. Things will be better, but honestly it kind of still feels like more of the same. We’re constantly reminded of it via social media.

Reluctantly Absurdly Well created a Go Fund Me page in hopes to raise enough money for permanent and affordable housing for him and his son. The effort quickly gained traction throughout the D.C art community, allowing him to reach his goal only within a few short days.

I’ve got to thank everybody on Go Fund Me for their support. When you live on the street, you have this lens that you look at life through. Even if they couldn’t donate much and like, man, if you know that they’re struggling and giving money to your go fund me, that’s love, man, and you just can’t deny that. For me, it gave me so much validation in my art as a political street artist. I really really want to do more. I really want to do bigger things.

With the extra boost of confidence from the success of the go fund me, 2019 is sure to be a year of resurgence for Absurdly Well.

After this go fund me, dude, I believe in my art so much more because it’s people from all over the world (that donated). People I didn’t even know. It makes them still believe in the old DC. I feel like I fall into that stereotypical artist thing where you don’t know what you’re worth in atoms. It really helped me understand where I fit in the whole scheme of things.

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