After three months of platform work and other upgrades, Metro’s Addison Road-Seat Pleasant station will open to riders once again Sunday.

Customers will see brighter LED lights, slip-resistant tiles, large digital screens that provide real-time travel information, and outlets for charging cellphones and other devices.

The most important upgrades: relaid tracks with new granite and updated electrical wiring to help trains run smoother.

“The real hard work that you don’t see is what was done underneath here to basically rebuild this entire platform,” Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld said Thursday on the platform while pointing to the tracks.

A look at the digital screens installed at the Addison Road-Seat Pleasant Metrorail station, which is scheduled to reopen May 23 after months of renovation (William J. Ford/The Washington Informer)

No trains ran through Addison Road during the three months of work. Metro crews conducted similar platform work at the Arlington Cemetery station in Northern Virginia, which also closed at the same time and will reopen Sunday.

The stations are among 12 that received major upgrades to improve safety and aesthetic quality. Eleven of them are in Northern Virginia, with Addison Road being the first Maryland station to receive a facelift.

Metro identified 20 stations to conduct outdoor platform work as part of a 10-year, $15.5 million capital improvement plan.

With stations closed, it allowed crews to conduct work around the clock.

The agency said the roughly 300,000 square feet of the tile installed so far could cover the entire Nationals Park field twice. Workers laid down 2,016 pieces of granite totaling more than 500 tons, the equivalent of twice the weight of the U.S. Capitol’s cast-iron dome.

Additional platform work will continue starting May 29 at four stations along the Green Line in Prince George’s County, Maryland — West Hyattsville, Prince George’s Plaza, University of Maryland in College Park and Greenbelt. Those stations will be closed until Sept. 6.

During that time, the Yellow Line will operate from Huntington to Mount Vernon Square and Green Line trains will run between Branch Avenue Fort Totten.

No trains will run north of Fort Totten, agency officials said.

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