Washington Chikanga
Washington Chikanga (Courtesy of the Herald Zimbabwe)

The Rev. Washington Chikanga, leader of Rebuild Zimbabwe Party (RZP), says Zimbabwe needs “right vision and right leadership” to change fortunes for citizens.

The 48-year-old clergyman, who is RZP’s presidential candidate for the July 30 harmonized elections, insisted that the nation was in distress due to Zanu-PF’s vision, The Herald reported June 30.

Although he acknowledged that the ideological orientation of the ruling party was crucial in bringing independence to the nation-state in 1980, Chikanga said the reconstruction and harmonization of internal relations required a new vision.

He offered his Right Vision and Right Leadership Manifesto as an alternative philosophy to what he termed “a revolutionary mindset.”

“Our vision is premised on Christian values and principles, which makes our party strong on the principle of constitutionalism and the upholding of the rule of law,” he said. “The Rebuild Zimbabwe Party is a Christian nationalistically oriented political party.

“It is not an opposition political party, but a Christian nationalist party, seeking to unite Zimbabwe under the banner of Christ Jesus’ love and peace,” Chikanga said.

The former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe employee, who is a lifelong member and pastor of the United Methodist Church in the United States, where he had been for 11 years before coming back in 2011, declared that the revolutionary vision had outlived its time.

“I am offering the nation of Zimbabwe a brand new vision, which is anchored on the ideology of Christian nationalism, an ideology that will bring genuine national healing and reconciliation to our nation; an ideology that fully recognizes the sacredness of human life, is values-based and people-centered,” he said.

Library Gifted with $2.4M in Books, Equipment

The University of Guyana Library recently received a donation of books, equipment and supplies from Siefy Shahabuddeen, son of Mohamed Shahabuddeen, the former attorney general and International Court of Justice (ICJ) judge.

Valued at approximately $2.4 million, the donation comprised 1151 printed publications, five printers, two book trolleys, along with a substantial amount of stationery and supplies, The Guyana Chronicle reported June 30.

The books cover the areas of law, history, politics, literature, religion, spirituality to the paranormal and ufology.

The items were handed over to professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, vice chancellor and principal of the University, at a June 21 ceremony at the Turkeyen campus.

Speaking at the occasion, Shahabuddeen pointed out that the donation was dedicated in memory of his parents, Mohamed Shahabuddeen and Sairah Shahabuddeen, who were both givers.

The vice chancellor expressed gratitude to Siefy Shahabuddeen for the significant donation and disclosed that a section of the library will officially be dedicated in honor of Mohamed Shahabuddeen’s contribution to scholarship in the areas of law, politics and economics.

Shahabuddeen had previously made a donation of 430 books, worth in excess of $2 million, to the University of Guyana, on behalf of his father, former Attorney General and Vice-President of Guyana, Dr. Mohamed Shahabuddeen, in April 2014.

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