African countries unite to protest violence in Myanmar. (Courtesy of

The fight against violence in southeast Asia’s Myanmar continued recently with weeklong protests in African countries including Senegal, South Africa and Ghana.

In hopes of ending the violence by Myanmar security forces against Rohingya Muslims, thousands of residents poured into the streets of Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Dakar and Accra in solidarity with over 400,000 Muslims who have fled to Bangladesh to escape an “ethnic cleansing.”

The Freedom & Justice Group is demanding intervention after Rohingya insurgents attacked police posts and killed 12 people on Aug. 25.

“The government of Ghana should make a strong case to the United Nations against the unfolding genocide in Myanmar and should take further steps in encouraging the Security Council of the United Nations to take immediate action against Myanmar,” the group said in a statement.

Other protest marches are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks in other African cities.

D.C. to Celebrate Morocco Week

D.C.’s Morocco Week is just around the corner.

Themed “Morocco, a Gateway to Africa,” the weeklong event seeks to shed light on the role that Morocco currently plays in Africa.

Highlighting music, arts and culture, the Sept. 28-Oct. 2 events promise to inspire, educate and merge existing cultures.

“This is historical for us as Moroccan-Americans to showcase Morocco history through technology, expos, music, and stands representing rich heritage and diversity [and] Jewish and [Islamic] co-existence for centuries,” Mohamed Hajjam, president of the Moroccan American Network, said in a statement.

With vast colors, textiles, garments and gadgets, organizers say this year’s event will also support an initiative to merge Jewish Moroccan and Muslim cultures.

“It is great to be part of this initiative and bring Moroccan Sahara culture part of this Moroccan heritage week in D.C.,” Hajjam said. “People will learn more about Sahrawi culture.”

eBay Comes to Africa

U.S. citizens can now look forward to easily buying African goods on eBay through the company’s partnership website

Starting this week, consumers can search for products from select vendors in six African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Burundi, in opening merchandise categories of fashion, art, jewelry and clothing.

“If you think about our purpose, which is connecting millions of buyers and sellers around the world and creating economic opportunity, it makes sense to open up the American market to sellers in Africa,” Sylvie de Wever, eBay’s general manager of Latin America and U.S. exports, said in a statement.

The new venture is expected to expand African businesses and make residents more economically independent.

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