A powerful earthquake in Botswana was felt from as far away as Zimbabwe and South Africa. (Courtesy of africanews.com)

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake shook the African country of Botswana and sent tremors through Zimbabwe and South Africa this week.

Most parts of the countries were shake for at least one minute by the April 3 earthquake that struck the city of Moijabana, Botswana, at 7:40 p.m.

Though no serious injuries or destruction have been reported, other cities such as Bulilima, Zimbabwe, and Johannesburg, South Africa, were affected, with people seen fleeing the Harare central business district in Zimbabwe.

Mr. Mfanasibili, a villager from the Mangwe District in Zimbabwe, recounted the harrowing experience: “The tremor dropped cups and plates that we put on a wall display in our kitchen hut. The dog which sometimes sleeps in the kitchen sped out in terror.”

European Parliament President Alarms Africa With Predictions

Antonio Tajani, the newly elected president of the European Parliament, recently made contentious statements warning Africa about Chinese invasion and proclaiming that Africa may run the risk of becoming a Chinese colony.

During a recent interview with German newspaper Die West, Tajani said China is only interested in Africa’s commodities. Predicting a wave of tens of millions of African migrants to Europe very soon, he proposes that Europe build “hospitality camps” to retain Africans on the continent, with hospitals and schools to be under control of the United Nations and European forces.

Though China is a late arrival in terms of conducting business in Africa, it has already surpassed every international African partner by the volume of its exchanges with the continent. The roughly $220 billion of China-Africa trade from 10 years ago now amounts to about $60 billion.

Hospice to Celebrate African Rhythm at Annual Benefit

The KishHealth System Hospice, a home-care health organization that focuses on assisting individuals with terminally ill relatives, will hold its sixth annual benefit concert, “Transformation Through Rhythm,” on April 12 with a special salute to its sister hospice organization in Knysna, South Africa.

This year will mark the organization’s first ‘bead market” with jewelry made from African beads. All proceeds from the sales of the handmade jewelry will go to the South African Knysna Hospice.

A percussion concert, which supports the music therapy program at KishHealth System Hospice as well as its sister hospice in South Africa, will feature selections from the Harambee African Percussion Ensemble.

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