Romain Dillet, TECHCRUNCH

(TechCrunch.com) — Streaming services like Netflix are great, but you often end up watching the same blockbuster movies showing how a white man will save the world. Meet Afrostream, a niche movie streaming service that only features African and African-American content. Launching in September, this startup may have found a great underserved segment.

“When I was a kid, for a long time, I was looking for role models on TV to relate to them,” co-founder and CEO Tonjé Bakang told me. “There are a lot of successful athletes and artists, but it’s hard to find African and African-American movies.”

Now attending Y Combinator‘s current batch, the French startup started with just a Facebook page in January 2014. On the Afrostream page, you could find Afro-American movie trailers and teasing announcements for a streaming service. Fast forward a bit, AfroStream’s Facebook page now has 72,000 fans, which is in par with well-established French competitors, such as CanalPlay.



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