William Barr
**FILE** Attorney General William P. Barr

The head of a national Black policing group confronted Attorney General William Barr over his denial of the existence of systemic racism, particularly in regard to law enforcement.

Lynda Williams, president of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, raised the issue this week during a closed-door gathering of national law enforcement leaders at the Justice Department headquarters, saying systemic racism was something she’s encountered firsthand throughout her career, CNN reported.

“I challenged him respectfully to think differently, because just because you have not experienced that, [does not mean it doesn’t] exist,” said Williams, a former Georgia deputy sheriff who climbed the ranks at the Secret Service.

Barr, who has consistently rejected the notion of systematic racism in the country’s police forces, has acknowledged in other interviews and recent congressional testimony that Black communities face unfair levels of scrutiny by authorities, CNN reported.

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