Courtesy of the Virginia Department of Health via Twitter
Courtesy of the Virginia Department of Health via Twitter

The city council in Alexandria, Va., has ratified a new ordinance mandating face coverings in indoor and outdoor public settings.

The ordinance set to take effect Oct. 1 applies to those older than 10 and includes those present at indoor venues and outdoor expanses where social distancing cannot be achieved, WTOP reported Monday.

Eating, drinking, religious practices and safety concerns are exempted from the ordinance, which will remain in effect until the city’s local emergency declaration due to the coronavirus pandemic, issued March 14, is rescinded.

“COVID-19 is extremely easy to transmit, can be transmitted by infected people who show no symptoms and the population has not developed herd immunity,” the ordinance said, WTOP reported. “At this time, there is no known cure, no effective treatment, no vaccine; and because people may be infected but asymptomatic, they may unwittingly infect others.”

First-time violators will receive a reminder to wear a mask. A $100 fine for violators was considered but ultimately rejected.

As of Monday, Alexandria has 3,613 coronavirus cases, including 62 deaths, according to a state tracker.

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