Sea ice, shown here in Nunavut, in northern Canada, reflects more sunshine, while open ocean absorbs more, accelerating melting. (Doc Searls via Wikipedia)
Sea ice, shown here in Nunavut, in northern Canada, reflects more sunshine, while open ocean absorbs more, accelerating melting. (Doc Searls via Wikipedia)

There are two federal agencies that are responsible for measuring the Earth’s temperature. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA operate independently. They report their findings on a monthly basis. The fact is that both of these organizations have reported that there has been no global warming detected for the last consecutive 18 years. That is over 216 months in a row that there has been no detected global warming. At the same time, sea ice in Antarctica is building up at record levels. One must wonder why all of these environmental alarmists groups are running around in hysteria. It is not difficult to research this, but somehow the mainstream media is not reporting the findings. You can read about it in scientific publications, but the Posts and Timeses of the world seem to keep it a secret.

No global warming, but millions of jobs have been erased through adverse regulations in the name of addressing the global warming issue. Billions of dollars, mostly tax dollars, have been spent trying to address the same “ghost.” Many low-income and minority communities have greatly suffered from these onerous regulations that seem to be made in vain. Scientists as well as NOAA and NASA call this state of no warming a “Global Pause.” How long it will last no one predicts. For all we know, it may last 20 additional years or even forever.

The Sierra Club and similar organizations are clinging to the global warming myth. In fact, they can be fanatical about it. They are funded by billionaires who try to manipulate our economic status and disrupt the common peace. They have even funded a cadre of “goons” who will verbally and sometimes physically attack any person or group who questions the global warming issue. Believe me, I have personally experienced these nuts, and the National Black Chamber of Commerce has been slandered for its energy positions. It appears that we are right and they are wrong. Let the whole world know about it.

Boldly, the Sierra Club claims that global warming is a fact and the issue non-debatable. Right, it should not be up for debate. They ignore 216 months of no detected warming. As British environmental official Lord Christopher Monckton has said: “The Great Pause is a growing embarrassment to those who had told us with ‘substantial confidence’ that the science was settled and the debate over. Nature had other ideas.” He goes on to say, “Though more than two dozen more or less implausible excuses for the ‘Pause’ are appearing in nervous reviewed journals, the possibility that the ‘Pause’ is occurring because the computer models are simply wrong about the sensitivity of temperature to manmade greenhouse gases can no longer be dismissed.”

The big exposure came during a Senate congressional hearing on Oct. 6, which was chaired by Sen. Ted Cruz. The president of the Sierra Club, Aaron Mair, came to testify. He starts off with the usual “Global warming should not be up for debate. The science is in, and the fact is settled.” He also claimed that “Our Earth is cooking, heating up and warming.” For the next 10 minutes, Cruz “chopped” his claim into little pieces. What we witnessed was the president of the Sierra Club had very little knowledge of the global warming issue. He was just a very loud proponent of the false claim. He was stumped when the senator asked, “Are you familiar with the phrase ‘The Pause?’”

Mair first said he knew about it, but could not explain it. Finally, he muttered “It refers to global warming back in the 1940s.” It was obvious he knew nothing about “the Pause,” and that speaks volumes.

It is fortunate that the above “showdown” is on YouTube and is going viral. The whole world can now realize the big farce being played on us to the detriment of our economy and quality of life. You are strongly encouraged to view it at

Let us all start looking at this issue with an honest approach and accept it for what it really is.

Alford is the president/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

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