Brett Kavanaugh
**FILE** Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the third day of his Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill September 6, 2018 in Washington, DC. Kavanaugh was nominated by President Donald Trump to fill the vacancy on the court left by retiring Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu and Michael Stipe are among a group of musicians, activists and artists voicing support for a protest Thursday evening outside the Supreme Court in D.C. against Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the high court.

The “Bravery Is Contagious” event is scheduled for 7 p.m. outside the Supreme Court in D.C.

“If there was ever a moment when the voice of the people can come together in concert to change the fate of our nation, this is it,” said Party Majority PAC, the event’s organizer. “Arm in arm, organized and ready, every child, woman and man must take to the streets to protest this nomination. The legitimacy of the nation’s highest court is at stake as is the future of our country.”

The participants are encouraging citizens to join the protest either in D.C. or locally, and to call key senators, such as Jeff Flake and Susan Collins, who are aligned with the confirmation vote.

“We anticipate a vote on the Senate floor to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as early as Friday,” the protest’s official website said. “It is critical we make our voices heard on the ground in Washington on Thursday.”

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