(The Washington Post) – An important reminder from Gallup: Very, very few people think that Congress is doing a good job. An important reminder from us: Nearly everyone in Congress will be reelected anyway.

Gallup looked at several indicators that serve as a guide to how the midterm selection will shake out. Among them, of course, is approval — the percentage of Americans that think Congress is doing a good job. “The election environment for congressional incumbents in 2014 will be challenging,” Gallup’s Jeffrey Jones writes, thanks in part to an approval rating for Congress that is at 16 percent, “on pace to be the lowest in a midterm election year since Gallup first measured it in 1974.”

The lowest approval rate prior to 2014 was in the Republican wave of 1994, when only 22 percent of Americans approved of the job that Congress was doing. And that year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, “only” 90 percent of Congress won reelection. That’s all. Just nine-in-ten.


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