( – The Top 5 on the American Idol platform were finally chosen by the judges which included J.Lo on a consensual basis.

The Top 5 from American Idol have been selected and they will get to go on a sizzling summer trip together. The scene was hot as the last six talented singers had to have one of them eliminated.

The competition between Quentin Alexander and Harry Connick Jr. heated up. Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach from the US female soccer team announced the results which were met with applause and wolf whistles from the audience.   The top five will get to go on a journey in each other’s company.

The #1 gal who got chosen for the role of one of the top 5 was Jax Cole. She belted out “Are You Gonna Be My Guy?” which was an alternative version of a song by The Jets. It was an instant hit with the crowd.


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