Andre Hopson
Andre Hopson

To look at his Instagram page, it’s hard to tell exactly what Andre Hopson does for a living. Scrolling through the photos you can catch him posing with celebrities, popping up at trendy venues and rocking a wardrobe that could easily grace the cover of a menswear magazine. But like anything else, there’s so much more than meets the eye. This DMV native is laying the groundwork to put D.C. on the music map.

Hopson’s love of music started at the age of 4 with his first Fisher-Price record player and followed him into adulthood where he landed an internship as a studio engineer under Bad Boy’s Chucky Thompson. It was there Hopson got his first real taste of the business. At the same time, he started promoting parties while in school and quickly found the intersection of marketing and music. Since then, he’s been making his name known by cultivating artists and securing the bag.

“I started to enjoy putting the pieces of the puzzle together, from creating records, promoting them, finding new talent and trying to close a deal,” Hopson said. “It was all thrilling to me.”

D.C.’s current music scene is what Hopson describes as being in an infancy stage, noting that today’s musical vibe is much different than the one he grew up accustomed to. For the last 30-40 years, go-go ruled D.C. and only recently are we starting to hear different sounds emerge.

“Now we have kids who have been honing their craft since they could talk, this is the first time we have ever had that in D.C., when I was growing up you thought you were from New York if you were rapping,” he said.

Hopson credits the collaborative efforts of artists like Gold Link, Shy Glizzy and Brent Fiyaz’ smash hit as a case study of how local talent can successful leverage their assets. He also knows that’s only part of the equation. To truly make D.C. a hub, it takes talented artists, producers and a lot more commercial success to attract record execs and their labels. And this is the sweet spot where his passion for putting it all together takes center stage.

As quiet as it’s kept, Andre Hopson is on the verge of something big. He’s currently working on joint ventures with Motown, Epic and Rostrum Records for artists Chaz French, Phil Ade and Innanet James, respectively.

Hopson is the cofounder of 386 Music Group with Raheem DeVaughn and has just started his own full-service management agency and record label called High Res Global. He’s in talks with a few different labels about an imprint deal and works as a globe trotting brand rep. for Courvoisier, a position that lends itself to furthering his musical aspirations. If this man sleeps, it’s probably by accident. But, it‘s the impact Hopson knows he’s had on people’s lives, helping them realize their creativity and ultimate success that keeps him going.

“The energy and love I get from the people | am working with, developing their talents is what pushes me,” he said. “I am in the trenches with these people, I want to see them win and they want the same for me.”

You can stay up to date on Andre’s comings and goings by following him on Instagram @andrehopson.

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