Daisy, Apple's iPhone disassembly robot, is pictured here. (Courtesy of Apple)
Daisy, Apple's iPhone disassembly robot, is pictured here. (Courtesy of Apple)

“At Apple, we’re constantly working toward smart solutions to address climate change and conserve our planet’s precious resources. In recognition of Earth Day, we are making it as simple as possible for our customers to recycle devices and do something good for the planet through Apple GiveBack. We’re also thrilled to introduce Daisy to the world, as she represents what’s possible when innovation and conservation meet.”

With this announcement, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s VP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, rolled out the company’s latest series of initiatives as part of Earth Day 2018 (April 22).

Apple announced that for every device it receives in-store and online as part of its GiveBack program between now and the end of the month, it will make a donation to the nonprofit organization, Conservation International. The firm also debuted Daisy, a new robot that can disassemble iPhone devices to recover valuable materials.

Daisy, the successor to the robot Liam, which launched in 2016, can take disassemble more than 200 iPhone devices every hour as well as reclaim materials that traditional recyclers cannot. By recovering things such as rare metals, less mining has to be done to meet demand for devices such as phones and tablets.

As part of its continued commitment to supporting a healthy planet through innovation, Apple will today also release its annual Environment Report, detailing the company’s environmental progress in three priority areas: Reducing Apple’s carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources and driving energy efficiency in its products and facilities; Conserving precious resources; and Pioneering the use of safer materials in its products and processes.

Finally, Apple announced its global facilities are now powered with 100 percent clean energy. This achievement includes retail stores, offices, data centers and co-located facilities in 43 countries — including China, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. The company also announced nine additional manufacturing partners committed to powering all of their Apple production with 100 percent clean energy, bringing the total number of supplier commitments to 23.

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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