(Forbes) – iOS 9 was released on September 16th and the software update went smoothly for most users. However, there was a major bug that prevented some users from being able to upgrade their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. Once iOS 9 downloaded, the bug caused the device to freeze after users were prompted to “Slide to Upgrade.”

For iOS users affected by the “Slide to Upgrade” bug, Apple suggested performing a forced restart and then restoring your device from iTunes. Through iTunes, you would have to restore your device from a backup or make a backup of the device and then restore from that backup. However, the “Slide to Upgrade” screen still appeared for some users after those steps were completed so Apple suggested another hard reset, a device restore and a factory reset as an alternative fix.

Since Apple did not have a proper fix in place, the Cupertino giant quickly issued the minor software update. There does not appear to be any software additions in iOS 9.0.1. It just has bug fixes like:


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