(Courtesy of Apple)
(Courtesy of Apple)
(Courtesy of Apple)

(ZDNet) – The unveiling of a new iOS doesn’t just give us a look at the software we’ll be using on our iPhone and iPads over the coming year, but it’s also a bellwether that offers us a chance to see how the company is responding to the pressures it is facing.

One of those pressures is falling iPad sales.

Last quarter Apple shifted 12.62 million iPads, but when you plot that against sales in previous quarters, it’s clear that peak iPad is something that happened several quarters ago. Sure, this is a trend, and trends aren’t a guaranteed vision of the future, but as a trajectory it’s clearly something that Apple must be aware of.

iOS 9 introduces some exciting new features, and one of the most interesting is Split View, which allows you to use two apps at the same time on your tablet.


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