The Apple iPhone 6 Plus. (Apple Photo)
The Apple iPhone 6 Plus. (Apple Photo)
The Apple iPhone 6 Plus. (Apple Photo)

SAN FRANCISCO (USA Today) — New iPhones are on the way, and the sun shall rise again for Apple.

Mark Sept. 9 on your calendars as another unofficial Apple Day in America. That’s the expected launch date for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which are  might sell as fast as Taylor Swift CDs and garner as much press as the pop diva. The marketing magicians at Apple are hoping for a jolt of positive vibes after a summer of malaise that thumped its stock and raised questions about smartphone sales in key regions like China.

Such is the sentiment whenever the company unfurls its latest and greatest gadgets. It’s part of the narrative that invigorates the fan base and confounds non-believers. But expect those conflicting reactions next week, when the new phones and a revamped Apple TV are unfurled here.

Apple faces yet another seminal moment in its storied 39-year history — about 20% of its stock price was shaved in recent weeks, torching $155 billion in paper wealth held by investors. The thumping underscores investors’ concerns about Apple’s financial fate in China and elsewhere.


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