(Trove) – Going into an iPhone launch there’s never much doubt about whether Apple’s latest addition to the key lineup will sell better than its predecessor. Where the confusion usually lies is in how much better the newest model will do than the one before it. While the 5s and 5c have performed about in line with analyst expectations, the 4s outperformed even most of the bullish projections. What can Apple investors expect from the iPhone 6 this year?

For the most part, there are big expectations for Apple’s iPhone 6.

The hyperactive rumor mill, as noted by MacRumors, expects the key differentiator for the next-generation iPhone to be a larger display screen. Fortunately, there seems to be a considerable market for smartphones with displays larger than 4 inches.

While early rumors suggested Apple would launch both a 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch iPhone this fall, the consensus agreement now is that the 5.7-inch iPhone has been pushed back toward the end of the year. But a 4.7-inch display would add almost three quarters of an inch to the current diagonal measure of the iPhone 5s, enough to push Apple into that proven market for larger displays.


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