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Arian Simone (Courtesy photo)

“Sometimes it’s not the thing … but the thing that leads to the thing. It was not my intention to build a brand and inspire. … I have a fearless attitude.” — Arian Simone

Fearless is indeed how you should describe this lady. Straight out of college (Florida A&M University) as a business graduate, she relocated to Los Angeles for a job opportunity. Once she arrived, though, she found the job did not provide the stability she thought it would.

Instead of going back home to Detroit, the fearless college graduate decided to stay.

Struggling to the point of living out of her car, she one day was asked to work on a public relations assignment — the BET Awards. Through connections made there and referrals, she ended up with over five projects in a two-week span.

“I do believe in walking into opportunity’s door. … When they called, I was down,” Simone said. “But [any opportunity] has to align with my goals and values.”

Those assignments afforded her the chance to open an office in the same building where “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” airs. Though she had to secretly live in the office for a while, the proximity allowed her more opportunities to solicit.

She eventually became a “celebrity publicist,” working on projects for clients such as Sony Pictures on the films “Stomp the Yard,” “Takers,” “Limitless” and “Sparkle.”

“By default, I started building a brand,” Simone pointed out about her “Fearless” ventures. “In only extreme hardships do you step out of the comfort of employment. … I was hired and fired in 30 days. I thought it was a stable job with purpose.”

Simone then started her brand by publishing a “Fearless” book to inspire and motivate. Recently she has launched the “Fearless Discussion Podcast with Arian Simone,” airing Wednesdays at 7 p.m. EST, and her “Arian Simone Fearless TV,” airing Mondays at 10 a.m. EST on the YouTube channel.

“It’s a show that will inspire,” she said. “It wasn’t my intention whatsoever. Video is the most embraced vehicle reference to technology and social media. People like to see.”

Simone said that she is “meeting the needs of the audience.”

“I’m a servant and I serve the people,” she said.

For those looking to start their own businesses, she advises to “find out what the needs are and meet the needs.”

“I continue the message in productions, events and classes,” she said.

To learn more about Arian Simone and her “Fearless” movement, visit

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