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Art All Night: Made in DC , is a local interpretation of Paris’ overnight festival of arts and culture called Nuit Blanche. Since, Nuit Blanche’s creation in 2002, similar festival formats have spread across the globe to Singapore, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, and our very own, District of Columbia. This year Art All Night will take place on September 29, from 7pm to 3am. It features over 100 artists and 8 unique neighborhood experiences.

Ariana Austin and Alexandra Padro first brought the international art festival to D.C. in 2011 with a grant from the DC Commission of the Art and Humanities. Their goal was to unite the diverse creativity of the nation’s capital by providing a unique place making opportunity that gave equal importance to the artists as to the places where they create.

Art All Night: Made in DC recognizes that art is not solely the presentation of an individual’s emotional interpretations and observations, but also a visual record of the community in which they belong to. Art All Night takes advantage of the unique opportunity in the district to highlight the work of artists through the recognition of historical neighborhoods. This year, Congress Heights, Dupont Circle, H Street, North Capitol, Shaw, Tenleytown, and for the first-time Deanwood and Minnesota Ave will all participate.

In an international city such as Washington, D.C. identity is maintained through the specific culture of communities. Acknowledging the original goal of the art festival to unite different communities, attendees can RSVP for their specific neighborhood, but are encouraged to visit all participating communities. This year, transportation resources will be provided in several neighborhoods to assist attendees to and from different sectors of the festival.

In homage to each neighborhood’s distinctive culture, each of the eight neighborhoods boast a unique theme.

Congress Heights honors “Chocolate City” by highlighting the African-American Diaspora in the District of Columbia and the music they create. Deanwood’s Art All Night debut pays tribute to art and entertainment from the 60s and 70s. And, also, new-to-the-block, Minnesota Ave celebrates the rich historical contributions of Ward 7 residents while paying special tribute to Marvin Gaye.

Shaw, where Art All Night began, continues to feature the largest number of artists and venues. This year’s theme of #ShawGlows will feature two parades, do-it-yourself art, fashion shows, and new murals.

Dupont Circle takes advantage of the art galleries, museums, and embassies that line it’s streets. H Street expands its usual level of night time stimulation with opportunities to engage, emote, explore, and immerse yourself in visual arts.

North Capitol Main Street’s “A Different World” presents a melting pot of local artists; representing the changing landscape and culture in the District of Columbia through a wide variety of outdoor experiences and installations.

Tenleytown honors the power of art to transform and transport you. Attendees literally transport themselves by following performers along Wisconsin Avenue to the Tenleytown Metro Station where they can hop on the train and experience 14 other venues. Tenleytown activities include cocktail samples and chances to win prizes from local businesses.

Each neighborhood will present family-friendly opportunities to engage with visual art by also supporting community through local businesses and vendors. Registration is free. This year Art All Night: Made in DC is presented by the Department of Small and Local Business Development with financial support from the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities.

Think of Art All Night: Made in DC like mambo sauce. It’s a DC trademark, yet everyone has their own recipe. As an international, yet local, quintessential ‘cool” city, DC’s art scene offers a wide variety of art recipes. Art All Night: Made in DC is your opportunity to try them all out.

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