(The Times-Gazette) – A recent study shows that an implantable artificial pancreas is able to help patients with diabetes control blood sugar. Constant monitoring of the level of blood sugar is needed as well as injecting insulin each day, when someone suffers from Type 1 diabetes. However, scientists have reported that they have developed an implantable artificial pancreas that can continuously measure the blood sugar and glucose level of an individual. The device can also release insulin automatically when needed.

The disorder Type 1 diabetes develops when a person’s immune system attacks its own pancreas cells, which are the makers of insulin, a hormone that is able to convert the body’s blood sugar to insulin.

To compensate for insulin production loss, patients have to inject insulin each day. The current methods of delivery of insulin include injections each day or an insulin pump, but both require users to be actively tracking his or her glucose and to calculate the dose of insulin needed for each insulin injection.


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