Eddie Jones
"Heart of Heroes" singer and songwriter Eddie Jones is also a former military child. (Derrel Todd)

Recording artist and former “military kid” Eddie Jones has written a song to help fund a nonprofit organization that supports children of active troops and wounded service members.

The song, “Heart of Heroes,” will be released on Veteran’s Day and will support the efforts of Our Military Kids, an organization that provides grants to help children participate in activities such as athletic events, fine arts and tutoring programs to cope with stress and anxiety while their parents are recovering or absent.

The R&B-flavored tune, written by Jones, chronicles the experience of military children who are often physically and psychologically affected by their parents’ occupations. For four months, a portion of the proceeds of the song will go to Our Military Kids.

“I had been look for an organization to support, and when I came across Our Military Kids, it was perfect for me,” Jones said.

Jones’ Billboard-charting album “Topic of Discussion” debuted last year and now he seeks to give back to a community he has been a part of his whole life.

A self-described military brat, Jones witnessed his father serve as a chief warrant officer 4 in the Army for more than 20 years during several wars.

“I always had a really proud feeling knowing that my dad was giving his life and service for our country,” he said, though he admitted that frequent moves and the absence of a parent can take its toll on children in military families.

“[My dad] couldn’t always be there, but I knew he wanted to be,” Jones said.

He said he developed his love for music on military bases all over the world while singing to other military families, which he said seemed to uplift them.

The song’s producer, Art “The Great” Powell, who collaborated with Jones on his first album, said the song will touch hearts worldwide.

A recent online search revealed to Powell a long list of relatives who had served in the military, making the song more personal to him.

“I found my great-grandfather’s draft registration card. I learned that my family had been serving in the military for generations,” Powell said.

Linda Davidson, Our Military Kids co-founder and executive director, said the contributions and sacrifices of military family members are often overlooked.

“We don’t always think about the toll it takes on families,” Davidson said. “More than any other job, [military jobs] are a family effort. They require the whole family to be strong.”

She said recognition of military children is important because it helps them to understand that the circumstances surrounding their parent’s job is not a punishment, but also an act of service on their part.

“The service member is a hero, but the child [of a service member] is, too,” Davidson said.

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