Candice Camille, Wellologist, is bringing an elite group of wellness practitioners together again the second annual Think Well Be Well Now Conference. She is answering the call for wellness once again this year to assist people in knowing what it takes to attain a state of wellness.

This event comes on the heels of her personal wellness journey, which has included beating a deadly throat cancer and using an unconventional approach to becoming well. If you thought the fight ended there, let me tell you, this young lady has successfully bounced back from not only throat cancer, but the woes of business ownership. But, that didn’t stop her. She came back stronger than ever by providing dynamic wellness principles to live by which includes eating well, moving well, breathing and sleeping well, which results in being well. That’s why she is known as the Wellologist.

When asked what does it mean to be well, her response – “Wellness is first nature – it is a natural state of mind. Very much like breathing, it is designed to be constant. It is the belief that wellness is within your capacity to have it and your innate response is to live it daily as an intricate part of your being. You decide – formulating your thinking to keep your mind, body and spirit in perfect harmony — thinking constantly and consistently to be well.”

The 2nd Annual Think Well Be Well Now Conference promises to shed a brighter light on health and wellness from a perspective of her 8 doctors that will be in attendance to share their principles on spiritual, meditation, nutrition, movement, air and sunshine, rest, hydration and fun! Here is what others are saying about last year’s event:

Candice Camille’s Annual Think Well Be Well Now Conference was life-altering. I learned that I cannot out train a bad diet and abs are made in the kitchen. I also learned that Candice came back from what could otherwise keep a person down and has made it her life-long mission to get everyone else to a state of wellness, 
states Joan Wilson, small business owner.

Who knew that there were 8 doctors of wellness to visit daily? 
I didn’t, but I know now and I’m making my appointments and 
plan to keep them, states Diane Milatano.

At the 2nd Annual Think Well Be Well Now Conference, you can expect to learn:

Know how to understand your current state of wellness

Balance your body, mind and spirit

Bridge the gap between your health and your wealth

Bounce back from life-altering challenges

Empower yourself to make you the priority

How to cook to be well

And, so much more

About Candice:

Candice Camille is spreading her message and principles to be well through her many appearances at conferences, destination retreats and special television and radio segments. In addition, she has started a raving movement titled the Plank Talk Challenge. People from around the world are joining this movement and reaping the benefits of planking, which strengthens your core (start of a 6-pack), reduce back pain, provide more flexibility and ultimately, increases energy.

Candice is also the founder and owner of Pure Nuphoria, a wellness space located just minutes from our nation’s capital, Washington DC. Pure Nuphoria is uniquely-designed to be a place of solace, warmth and contentment living. It is a de-stress zone where guests are able to quiet their minds, soothe their bodies and restore their souls.

She is a licensed respiratory therapist, pulmonary function technologist, provides coaching and training for Girls Running Club of Prince Georges County and member of Women’s Business Owners of Prince Georges County.

For more information about the 2nd Annual Think Well Be Well Now Conference and to book Candice for an interview or speaking engagement, contact or

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