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(CNet) – If you have been getting started with Google Photos, then you have probably checked out Google Photos on the Web and the mobile device of your choice. That’s what I did last week. I am an old Picasa user and struggled through the awkward Photos-as-part-of-Google+ years before blossoming with Google Photos. I love its navigation, cross-platform functionality and search capability, in addition to the fact that Photos is again its own application. I set it up to back up the photos on my iPhone but soon got to wondering how to sync it with the photos I have on my Mac.

I don’t take as many photos with my dSLR as I did before I began carrying an iPhone with me everywhere I go, but I do occasionally take my Nikon out and dump its photos on my Mac. How do I get those photos to Google Photos without engaging in the two-step process or downloading them to the Photos app on my Mac and then dragging them to the Google Photos Web app?

I didn’t have to look far before I found the Desktop Uploader app for Google Photos. You can find the Desktop Uploader here or by opening the sidebar on Google Photos in your browser and clicking App downloads. There are versions for OS X and Windows.


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