Life at university can be fun, exciting, liberating, and educational. However, it can also be tiring, tough, and very challenging when it comes to money. The word ‘student’ is often linked to the words ‘hard up’ and this is because many students are indeed strapped for cash and struggling to afford the things they need even with loans and grants.

There are ways in which, as a student, you can help to make your financial situation that little bit easier, which can mean a lot of stress off your shoulders at a time when you need to be focusing on your studies rather than worrying about money. Some of the measures you can take include:

Get a job

You don’t have to wait until you leave university in order to get a job. There is nothing wrong with getting a little part time job or even a Saturday job while you are at university in order to earn some money. In fact, this could benefit you in more ways than one, as it means that you will also be able to demonstrate that you have some form of work experience when you do start applying for full time jobs.

Refinance your debts

You may be paying more than necessary when it comes to student debt such as credit cards and loans. You can look at solutions such as student loan refinancing in order to try and bring your monthly payments down and ease your financial situation. This is a good way to ease financial worries over the longer terms, particularly if you have a range of high interest debts to deal with.

Curb your spending

Many students spend a remarkable amount of money on partying, eating out, going out drinking, and general frivolous spending. Make sure you curb your spending by setting a fixed budget for entertainment or eating out. You need to base your budget on the amount you feel you can afford and stick to it. Avoid the temptation to turn to credit cards to fund your nights out if your budget runs dry, as this will simply result in unnecessary debt. If you do find yourself in credit card debt, you need to make sure you seek expert advice from counsellors.

Sell items you don’t need

Even as a student, you will probably find a range of products that you no longer need and could sell for some extra cash. This could be anything from older text books that you are now finished with through to clothes you no longer wear, DVDs, CDs, and electrical gadgets. This can also help to clear out your room or home while earning you a little extra cash.

By taking measures such as these you will be able to ease the financial burden on yourself and help your money to go that little bit further. This can prove invaluable when you are still in full time education, as it means having a little more money and financial freedom.

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