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Most of these are the same wishes that I advocated for in a column for the year 1993. They are as relevant today as they were then:

• That we realize that contrary to popular belief, we are not a weak people. In fact, we have many strengths that can be the foundation for a powerful and productive group. We need to concentrate on identifying and building on these strengths.

• That we reject those who attempt to convince us that supporting self-help and strong family values is somehow to become politically conservative as defined by those who don’t I have our best interests at heart. Such positions, along with self-respect, self-determination and self-defense have always had strong appeal to most Black folks because they make sense to any group of people trying to promote and protect their vital interests. These values seem to have been momentarily forgotten in the rush for integration.

• That Black students on all levels will totally reject anyone, young or old, Black or white, who tells them that striving for academic excellence is the same as trying to be white. Such a person or persons are as much an enemy of our people as the most ardent member of the Ku Klux Klan.

• That we as a people will use our collective resources more effectively as an instrument for advancing our economic, cultural and political opportunities.

• That we as adult Black folks will use our talent and other resources to build or open well-supervised community centers for our teenagers where they will have opportunities for learning and fun in a safe setting.

• That we will more effectively support those committed teachers and administrators that are working hard to educate our children. I also wish that more Brothers can be persuaded to become teachers.

• That we as a people will understand that our too often apathy and refusal to deal with a reality check contributes heavily to the problems that confront us in too many of our neighborhoods.

• That Black folks who do destructive things in our communities understand that they are actively aiding those white supremacists that would like for all of us to disappear.

• That we as people will do much more to educate our children about our history and our culture in this country and throughout the world.

• That we understand that a Pan-Africanist movement is the most effective way for our people throughout the world to promote and protect our interests.

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