A beauty box by people of color, for people of color (Courtesy of HUESBOX)

Rivaling everyday cosmetic trends solely based off of external beauty, the all new black-owned beauty subscription HUESBOX is storming its way into mainstream markets, providing women of all colors a chance at unique organic wellness, health and beauty products.

Selling out of over 300 products from the company’s first launch in December, the new wellness bundle created by a mother and her two daughters has already taken off as a leading subscription beauty box, pinpointing interests and health concerns for women of all shades of color.

Established by Robin, Jasmine and Jenae Harris out of Minnesota, the trio continue to amaze fans and themselves with their overnight success.

“What makes our company so unique is that we are more than just a ‘beauty box,’” said Janae Harris, one of the founding daughters. “I know there is already a market for subscription boxes like Ipsy or BirchBox, but unlike most beauty boxes, HUESBOX is comprised of items from small black-owned business vendors, so all of our products are 100 percent one of a kind. Not only do we address cosmetic needs, but we also look into things like wholeness and health.”

With boxes that also include items based on ethnic traditions and themes including Native American cleansing teas to help rid women of bodily toxins, a whipped shea butter made by Butters by Jay, a black-owned business based in Brooklyn, New York, and Native American-inspired smudge sticks, women of all descents may have a good chance of finding items that appeal to all of their needs.

Harris said her family’s product targets concerns such as stress, mental health, pigmentation and detox.

“We hand-package all of our items and in these first two months we have already gotten so much positive feedback,” Harris said. “We look for unique and healthy items all across the country, and we are doing so well that for the month of February, we are increasing our order to 500 beauty boxes.”

Each box features four to six sample-sized products between $12 to $108 with the option for customers to pay for full-size products.

“In other subscription makeup boxes, the coloring would always be off and shades of lipstick or hair products would never match my skin tone or texture of hair,” Harris said. “This is by people of color, for people of color, and is more than just a makeup box.”

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